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We are accepting new patients! As fall approaches, remember it is the transition time to a new sport that can  be a precipitator for new injuries, especially if you are experiencing a lower level of fitness overall like we all are as we emerge from these unprecidented times. Returning to the office full time can also mean a change in routine. 

Remember, ramp up activity slowly. When you are focusing on returning to a state of fitness, ensure that you take steps to mitigate muscle tightness and injury before they become acute. Regular massage and early intervention on injuries with proper assessment and treatment can  go a long way to allowing you to enjoy your previous activites injury free. Please click the link below to book an appointment with either Dr. Guthrie, or with massage. If you are a current patient of Dr. Guthrie's, and you haven't accessed online booking previously, text her at 403-244-6444 and she can set up your appointment for you. 

Please book massage therapy appointments through the link above, or by directly contacting the massage therapists: 

Katherine Lewis, RMT. Can be reached at (647)-235-1228 by text or voice.

She is a  highly talented therapist who has been  practicing full time since graduating in 1997 from the Sutherland-Chan 2200 hour massage therapy program in Toronto.  After many years working in downtown Toronto, Katherine moved to Calgary at the end of 2020.   Katherine expertly tailors each treatment according to what is needed, using a variety of approaches and techniques, ensuring the best and most helpful outcome. She has taken numerous courses in therapeutic massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, osteopathy and more. She is an active registered member of the CRMTA in Alberta.

Katherine can tailor your treatment in the following areas:   

*Therapeutic Massage:  

* Relaxation Massage: 



*Athletic sports therapy massage: 

*Reiki Level 1: chakra energy balancing treatment 

*Prenatal/Postnatal massage

*Osteopathic Techniques

*Certified Pilates instructor

*Thai massage

*Fascial Stretch therapy


Maria Ehrlich, RMT.  Can be reached at (403) 971-6762 by text or voice.

Maria has been practicing massage since 2002, her main focus is on deep tissue therapeutic massage. Maria uses a variety of techniques from her toolbox to help treat sport and overuse injuries, ergonomic issues, motor vehicle accident injuries and many other soft tissue imbalances. Maria also has a deep knowledge of relaxation techniques as well as prenatal massage. She has trained in multiple modalities including dynamic Fascial Cupping, Craniosacral Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching. Maria is a registered massage therapist with NHPC.

Maria can tailor your treatment in the following areas: 

*Therapeutic Massage

*Relaxation Massage

*Hot stone Therapy


*Prenatal/Postnatal massage


To book a Chiropractic  appointment, please text or call Dr. Guthrie at 403-244-6444.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to treating you and appreciate your support to help maintain a safe environment in our clinic.  


Dr. Tara Guthrie 

 Dr. Guthrie is now providing direct billing for the following companies*:







Chamber of commerce Group insurance plan


First Canadian Insurance company


Group health Benefit Solutions

Group Source

IA financial group


Johnston group

Labourers International Union of north america

Labourers International Union of Toronto



Maximum Benefit


*Some providers require a co-pay or only partially pay for each treatment. 

Dr. Guthrie specializes in treating sports injuries.

She has over a decade of experience treating all calibre of athletes,  from the weekend warrior, to the ultramarathoner and professional dancer. If you are wondering if she might be able to effectively treat your injury, please do not hesitate to call or text her at (403) 244-6444.

Please note, Dr. Guthrie has quite a busy schedule.  If you reach voice mail, please leave a message and she will get back to you at her earliest available opportunity, typically within two hours. 

Dr. Guthrie is certified in:

Active release technique: Spine, Upper, Lower, Nerve entrapments, Since 2002

Graston technique Since 2004

Kinesiotaping Since 2005

Dr Guthrie's Office hours are as follows:

Dr. Guthrie can be reached at (403) 244-6444 via phone or text, from 8-6 daily. (appointments can be booked outside the above office hours, as she has her phone with her. If you are unable to get her directly, please leave a message and she will return your phone call as soon as she is able.)

Current Office Address:

Dr. Guthrie's practice is located at:
Suite 406, 320- 23rd Avenue SW

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Clinic Hours

Clinic hours are staggered for your convenience.
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Clinic Changes:

With regrets, Gordon Ens (RMT) is no longer here at our office. He has related that, though it was an excellent experience here in the beltline, as the pandemic recedes and downtown has begun to reopen for office personel, he has chosen to return closer to the core where his main client base is situated. 

Gordon can be reached at (403) 244-1843, either by text or by phone. information on his new office will be posted as it becomes avaliable.